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Monday, November 05, 2007

More From Allan Gainer

This is the letter Cheney Mayor Allan Gainer sent announcing his candidacy for the 9th Legislative District State Representative:
Upon hearing Rep. David Buri’s resignation of the 9th Legislative District position, I am interested in pursuing this position as our next representative.

I have supported Rep. Buri during his previous campaigns and believed in the good he has done for our district. I’ve worked with him on a number of issues as mayor of Cheney. He will be a hard person to replace. He has encouraged me to place my name before you as a candidate for this position and I know I will aspire to Rep. Buri’s level of professionalism and dedication to our district.

I have plans to run for this position when the opportunity arises and with the resignation of Rep. Buri, I will run for the position next year. I have a number of years of experience helping others attain their positions in the Republican Party and two years ago, I realized mine, when I won the mayoral race in Cheney.

I am a small business owner in downtown Cheney with a supportive staff and have been married for over 22 years with a wonderful and supportive wife with two great kids, one going to college. I am a 12-year Navy veteran and both an American Legion and VFW member for Cheney.

As Mayor, I currently sit on several boards such as Spokane Transit Authority Board, Spokane Regional Transportation Council, Growth Management Advisory Board, Pathways to Progress Board and currently setting up a Cheney Merchants Association.

The issues I support that are in sync with the Republican Party are:

1) To tighten our borders with stronger measures that keep illegal aliens out and protect those who are entering our country legally.

2) Placing a cap on spending within our government and finding other measures to bring services to the citizens without raising taxes. I strongly dislike tax hikes.

3) I am very supportive on education (I hold two degrees) and I believe that the parents should dictate what direction to go for their children’s education, whether it is home, private or public schooling.

4) I believe in the private enterprise for many areas of our life, which includes medicine. This leads to where I believe government-run health care would ruin medical support for all citizens.

5) Economic Development isn’t just something I repeat, but something I live by. Look at my track record as Cheney Mayor. I was involved with the development of Cheney Industrial Park’s infrastructure, stream-lining the process more for other business to come to Cheney and working with other business owners in finding ways to bring people to Cheney to increase our market share through festivals or other events. Currently, I have been supportive on the North-South Freeway through Spokane and working toward changing Spokane as an economic hub.

These are some of the issues I am passionate about and have experience working toward. There are more, but I believe you can see I hold a lot of Republican values and above all else integrity counts the most in all areas of my life.

Thank you for your support

At your service,

C. Allan Gainer, Jr.

Cheney Mayor

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