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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Water, Water, and more Water

Well we sure need water to live. You listen the Enviro-wachoo's it is something that is running out, once it is used up we are done, pack your bags Betsy we are goneers....

The problem is I have not found or seen a "DRAIN" anywhere off the planet earth. We sure don't get any deliveries of water also. The amount that Lord created the earth with is what we get, not a drop more, not drop less.

We have this crazy idea floating around that they want to filter the 'muddy' palouse river and inject that water back into the aquifer. There are a few things we need to do before something so drastic. The stuff that they have been spraying on the roads in the winter just to cut down on dust is not good to drink, or the environment; check the small trees along the roadway as you travel the area roads. It is VERY clear to see on the little trees that someone had started on the hill as you head out for Spokane from Pullman. They had been getting started very nicely the last few years BUT this last winters spray has killed them.

The stuff that the spray on the roads is going into the ground water and some day it will show up in your drinking water so maybe, just MAYBE we need to rethink this one. I know I sure don't want to drink that stuff they spray on the roads. After seeing what it is doing to concrete. Check some of the newer projects along Stadium way like the bus stop just down hill or across the street from the Fine Arts. I would rather have a little dust in the spring than dealing with all of this stuff. Would like to hear what you think of it.

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