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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Ask The Candidates

Pullman Ward 2 City Council candidates Al Sorensen and Nathan Weller have both graciously agreed to answer questions from Pullman voters here on Palousitics, as well as make some final pitches, unfiltered by the media.

If you would like to engage the candidates on the issues, here's your chance. Post your question in the comments below, along with whom the question is addressed it to. Please make it to the point and keep it respectful.


Scotty said...

We have talked over and over about WalMart and extending city services to SR270. But I would be interested in knowing what each person thinks the biggest issue that faces Ward 2 is, and what their goal is to help solve that problem.

Scotty said...

I am not sure how exactly I would pose this question. It is really more of a thought I had recently. We know college students live in Pullman for 9 to 12 months each year for about 4 to 5 years.

Many of them will hold a fond spot for Pullman, but they are not sad to leave the city and "get back home."

Many times students complain that the city is cracking down on partying too much and they are trying to stop students from "having fun".

Many students are registered to vote choose to stay registered in their home county and vote on their issues.

My thought is, that if a student doesn't feel strongly enough about registering in Pullman for their time here, why should we, the permanent citizens of Pullman, give them a voice in the policies that will shape Pullman for YEARS and YEARS to come?

April E. Coggins said...

Question for Nathan Weller: What is your opinion on the League of Women Voters proposal to add another layer of public hearings for new commercial development in Pullman? (This was the headline story in Monday's Daily News.)

Ray Lindquist said...

My "BIG Q" would be:
Can we count you to help get Bishop Blvd redesigned at the corner by the Fireside Grill. It slopes away from center of the turn. I am very sure the Bus drivers, and police would like to see your support can we count on it?