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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Queen Chaney: Desperate Despot or Geography Challenged?

Somebody get this idiot a map.

I heard on KQQQ this morning and read the headline in the news that Queen Chaney is still pushing for a handgun ban in Moscow. Even though the Attorney General of Idaho said it was unconstitutional and Chaney is on crack, she is getting Representative Shirley Ringo, not related to the Beatles' Ringo, to push a law in Idaho giving cities the right to ban guns.
Chaney and Ringo, get out a copy of a U.S. map or the local map in the phone book. Look at Moscow. It is located in Idaho, not Washington. I know for some reason Chaney thinks she has power in Washington by her anti-business interference against the Hawkins Corridor Project. Moscow is in Idaho, yes the state line in the map does not appear in real-life but it does exist.
Chaney's gun grabbing bill might hold water here in the People's Republic of Washington and may get the Mao Tse-Tung thumbs up from Commisar Gregoire, but no way in hell will Idaho ever adopt an anti-gun bill like that. Chaney should read up on Idaho and its political climate. Last time I looked, Idaho is the most conservative state in the Union. Chaney's latest anti-gun bid is nothing more than a sign of desperation and loss of face due to the Hawkins Project. Chaney's chances of re-election are comical.


Michael said...

It's really too bad that Moscow does not have a law against killing people. That would certainly have prevented the tragedy.

Mattwi said...

We'll have to see how DC VS Heller turns out, either way it is Hemlock for Chaney to pursue this venue.

If the ban in DC is struck down by the SCOTUS it will set precedence for the entire nation.

There will be no way for any city to enact a firearms ban similar to that currently enacted in DC.