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Thursday, November 08, 2007

Let's Have No Doubt

Mayor Johnson was talking about Wal-Mart in his State of the City speech Tuesday, even if the Daily News didn't mention it.

From today's Daily Evergreen:
More than $64 million in new construction was added to the property tax rolls, which will result in an increase of nearly $200,000. Although WSU pays no property taxes, sales tax revenues from projects such as the CUB renovation, the Martin Stadium expansion and the Palouse Ridge Golf Course have been a benefit to Pullman, Woo said. For example, the CUB renovation project will generate $730,000 in revenues to Pullman during the building’s three-year construction span.

Once these projects are completed, however, Woo said Pullman must seek a replacement source of revenue. The proposed Wal-Mart location on Bishop Boulevard would help the city’s tax base, but with the project’s future uncertain, he was unsure exactly where the revenue would come from.

“We don’t really know at this point,” Woo said. “We hope our retail base will continue to expand, and that will help a great deal.”
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