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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Pictures from the Joint 9th Legislative District PCO Meeting Today

Me with Washington State Republican Party Chairman Luke Esser

The big winner today, Joe Schmick of Colfax.

#2 Candidate Tedd Nealey

A very happy Michael Echanove. I was so glad for Michael (even though his last name kept getting butchered.) He truly deserves to be among the final three. I voted for him on every ballot after Joe was selected.

Former 9th District State Representative Don Cox (right) speaking with Luke Esser.

Some shots of the crowd. You can see my laptop in the first shot. I was sitting beside Whitman County Auditor Eunice Coker (third row back in the red jacket.) The PCOs all sat together, with guests and non-PCO candidates off to the side. Between ballots, I would go to the back wall by the windows to chat and joke with Whitman County Commissioner Michael Largent.

I wished I had gotten a picture of Whitman County Gazette reporter Joe Smillie. Joe looked very natty sporting a houndstooth fedora. I told him all he needed was a press pass sticking out of the band.


veronica said...

Thank you for this great blog site. Totally great. I got to follow the whole event all day! Wonderful!

Ray Lindquist said...

It was very sad to hear that Ted Nealey wanted to extol the way "big Government" was protecting us from the smoker. That is not what we need; we need personal responsibility. Mayor Mike was on "FIRE" he did a great job of explain why we should have him represent us.

Tom Forbes said...

Ray, I agree with you on Tedd Nealey. As I have stated before, I have some philosophical differences with Tedd.

I also totally agree with you on "Mayor Mike." He's a class act all the way. As I told Michael yesterday, he is a true public servant, not like some politicians who engage in ego tripping or glory hunting. I thought his speech was the best one yesterday, although I guess someone said in the Tribune that his style tunred them off.

Ray Lindquist said...

I think Mayor Mike wanted to show that he CAN get things done; and that he would be able to get things done in Olympia. I wish people could have seen that what he was attempting to get across to us. He is that very same way at work where I work with him day in and day out he goes about getting things done.