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Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I am angry about the news reports from today... Pirates kill American citizens and some of the pirates were alive to surrender?!?! If pirates kill an American at sea, those pirate shouldn't have a chance to surrender.

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Mythology in America

21st Century Myths, Lies, Distortions & Propaganda

The political left in America and in Europe have a set of beliefs that contain a substantial number of myths. One characteristic of the mind set of the liberal left is that they publically state that they are far more intelligent and have a lot more knowledge than the “knuckle dragging” conservative Neanderthals on the Right! I have even heard some elitist lefties say that members of the Republican Party should be “taught how to read”. For what it’s worth, every time I check out the academic credentials of many of the self declared experts on the left, I come away with a smirk** on my face! Most of the so-called leftwing experts don’t have academic degrees or in most cases degrees that don’t correspond to the subjects that they lying about.

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Sugar vs. High-fructose Corn Syrup is a green scam myth that has a life of its own! The fact is that your body CANNOT tell the difference between sugar from beets, canes or corn! No matter what the moron green nuts say! I think you should avoid both because of the calories. My recommendation is sucralose; it is the only commonly available SAFE substitute.

One very dangerous health myth is the COLON CLEANSING myth! Warning, this is something that you should not do unless under the directions of a doctor (for example in advance of a colonoscopy). Here is what the Mayo Clinic has to say about this nonsense!

Genetically modified crops are “Frankenstein food”! With the exception of possible cross pollination of nearby Brassica crops with regard to seed production, there is no problem with genetically modified crops according to the Rand Corporation. Where this myth came from is anyone’s guess. I hear it came from Greenpeace.

Carbon Dioxide is destroying the planet! CO2 is not a greenhouse gas of any significance. The burning of fossil fuels is responsible for just 3.27% of the carbon dioxide that enters the atmosphere each year, while the biosphere and oceans account for 55.28% and 41.46%, respectively.

Global warming is a danger and is killing the planet Earth. There are so many stupid myths about global warming/climate change I don’t have room to list them. Here they are at this website.

Eating food that isn’t NATURAL OR ORGANIC is dangerous to your health! This myth is moronic beyond belief, and here are the facts!
To make matter worse, it may be dangerous to eat some natural or organic food products!

Homeopathic or Alternative medicines are better than drugs from the big profit mongering pharmaceutical corporations!
WRONG! Do not take vitamin/mineral supplements or homeopathic/alternative drugs unless you check them with your doctor first. Under no circumstances should you believe anything you see on WebMD which is nothing less than a populist website that caters to whatever myth that it going around.

Drive electric/hybrid cars and save the atmosphere! Well one major concern that you might not be aware of is the batteries in these vehicles that are not only overpriced but fail all the time! The Washington Post says these batteries fail in cold weather!

Cancer! There are a series of myths making the rounds, some as urban legends in the USA and Europe. Here are the top ten cancer myths.

Cell phones cause brain cancer! Should you throw that expensive toy away? Hold it! The only radiation that causes cancer is “ionizing radiation” that your cell phone does not emit. Here are the facts.

Top 7 Idiotic Environmental Myths! I love this one because some of these myths are now in high school and college texts. That should give one PAUSE! It also says a lot about science education in America: A COMPLETE FAILURE!

Energy and the Environment Myths
! Here are the results of a nationwide survey to determine just how knowledgeable Americans are about energy. This one is shocking reading because most Americans are badly informed on this subject because of a leftist media printing lies about the subject.

The North Pole is Melting! You’ve seen the commercial showing mama polar bear swimming away from her cub in an ocean with little or no ice for them to climb onto. Get out your crying towels and check books? No! The myth is an outright lie! Here are the facts.

John Holdren, Obama Czar on energy/global warming badly needs SOME science education. His proclamations are causing howls of laughter in the scientific community! This man needs therapy. Here is the latest on Mr. Holdren’s candidacy for an immediate brain transplant.

** FULL DISCLOSURE, I have an honors degree in Physical Chemistry and no one will debate me on the left concerning climate change/global warming.
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Monday, February 07, 2011

Hey Pierce Transit! This isn't Monopoly money!

According to the TNT, so far there is 25% turnout in the controversial Pierce Transit special election. Pierce Transit Proposition 1 wants 3/10 of a 1% sales tax INCREASE to fund their buses. All other Pierce County agencies have had to slash budgets by 10% or more, create furlough days for employees, and shorten hours. This is not the time for MORE taxes. Belt tightening starts at home. I would like to see proof of their efforts before even making this a consideration.

Bottom Line: Vote to Reject Pierce Transit Proposition 1. And hey, Pierce Transit- find the money somewhere. Just not my wallet.

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Bob Clark’s Political News Magazine

News That Matters

Seattle/Tacoma’s Very High Home Foreclosures now rank in the top 5 metro foreclosure areas in the nation, states this report out this week. A lot of these Foreclosures are condos and guess what? There are a lot of Strategic Foreclosures in this mix. Here is what RealtyTrac has on this problem as of December. Seattle’s economy is in the dumper! The US Department of Labor is reporting the new unemployment rate nationally at 9% but that is a statistical Abnormality! Read this!

Major increases in Syphilis, Gonorrhea in King, Pierce and Snohomish County have public health officials scratching their heads and in a panic. This is the largest increase in VD in the Tri-County area in many years. Here is the situation in King County.

President Obama (without teleprompter) and talking to reporters got his wars all confused. Some of the reporters with FOX News were stunned by this gaffe! Is he losing it?

Insiders tell the FOX Business Network this week that more than a thousand businesses and labor unions are scrambling to join more than 300 organizations to get themselves EXEMPT from the Obama Health Care Plan by the President himself.

Bogus unemployment stories keep coming out of the local newspapers, the local leftwing TV outlets and Olympia. The issue is the SEASONAL ADJUSTED NUMBERS being used that are worthless and a statistical lie!
For example this FRONT PAGE PIECE in the Seattle Times is a bogus story. Seasonally adjusted data on employment are numbers made up by statisticians to try and look for trends, they are not the REAL NUMBERS. Here is the definition of Seasonal Adjusted Stats.
Here is what Gallup found
when it did its study of unemployment and their take on these bogus seasonal adjusted numbers!

Been in the grocery store lately? You may have noticed that your favorite box of cereal has gone up in price or your steak is now more than it was a few weeks ago. Think that’s bad? You ain’t seen nothin’ yet! Here is what is coming down the road with commodity prices. Beef along with corn, rice, soy beans, wheat and sugar prices are going to go through the roof. It is called INFLATION! That also includes the price per gallon of gas. We may be looking at $100 per barrel oil and $5 per gallon gas in the weeks to come.

The Snohomish County Executive November 2011 election race is underway! Aaron Reardon this time faces Mike Hope the very popular GOP 44th District Legislator. Mike is already raising money and with a sizable number of supporters has a good chance to beat Reardon; whose administration has been rocked by scandal after scandal. Let’s look at a few:

Reardon is a member of the Department of Ecology’s Nincompoopial
Climate Action Team. Every member of this group is either ignorant, a socialist or brain dead or any combination of the three. Take your pick.

Reardon formed his own Climate Change Task Force which has come under fire at several town hall meetings including a heated one in Monroe. There is no such thing as global warming/climate change and EVERYONE knows it!

There was Reardon’s $160,000 Garbage truck that didn’t work (how many public works employees does it take to design a garbage truck?)

Reardon’s solid-waste director Sam Chandler claimed he was fired because he caught employees at the garbage transfer stations stealing cash and reported it. County Union officials put an end to Sam’s tenure.

Reardon’s Snohomish County Planning Director fired for getting drunk and exposing himself to a female on a golf course (he already had a history of this sort of behavior!).

One of Reardon’s Medical examiners arrived inebriated at the scene of a drunken driving accident that took 4 victims to their graves and he was promptly arrested and fired because of public outcries.

Reardon’s energy drink commercial was the laughing stock on YouTube. It was promptly taken down from the internet during howls of laughter.

Looks like Mike Hope is going to have a field day with Reardon!

Washington State’s Democrats in Legislature go insane! Here are a few examples:

Dem’s want to cut education funding to provide money to drunks and crack heads.

Dem’s want to legalize dope!

Dem’s want to establish a State Socialized Worker’s Bank!

Dem’s want to drive more business’s out of the state by raising the employer supplied unemployment insurance costs.

Dem’s want to give the Transportation Commission the authority to violate the people’s will (2/3 vote to raise taxes, majority to raise fees) by raising fees through the roof through a legislative trick, that may be illegal!

Dem’s want to scale back and cut to shreds the Guaranteed Education Tuition program, which by the way is 255 Million Dollars in the hole already! Tuition costs are going up so rapidly that in the end unless you come from a rich family, you ain’t going to school at U Dub or WaZoo!

EDITORIAL: I woke up this morning and thought that I was having a nightmare and that I had been transported back in time to 1979 while watching the morning news showing rioting in Egypt. I think what we have here is a Jimmy Carter clone: OBAMA with his Secretary of State that has been fowling things up since she has been in office. If they have miscalculated and Egypt is taken over by the Muslim Brotherhood (terrorists) this will be a 500 pound rock around Obama’s neck when he runs for re-election, in addition to being a strategic DISASTER for peace in the Middle East AND US foreign policy.