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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

If Just One Person Finds Christmas Offensive....

As we transition into the holiday season, it's worth visiting Christmas Past and what the teacher's unions think about it.

Ike Maness, Hillsboro Education Association President, asked the Board in April to reconsider the practice of naming the two week break in December and January Christmas Break. He believed it was exclusionary and insulting to non-Christian students. The Board agreed at their June 8, 2004, work session to discuss the matter at the June 22 meeting.

Mr. Mike Balanesi believes it is an insult to the majority of patrons to considering changing the name of the two week break from Christmas Break to Winter Break. He was disappointed Ike Maness did not attend the meeting to hear the Board discussion because he initially brought this concern to the Board.

Mr. Dale Harris encouraged the Board to change the name of the two-week break to Winter Break to show residents of the District they are all important and preferential consideration will not be given to one group.

Director Kathy Huntington also was disappointed that Ike Maness was not at the meeting because she wanted to address his comment that if the practice of naming the break Christmas Break offends even one student, it should be changed. She believes some students may be offended regardless of the name of the break, but favors calling it Holiday Break to encompass all people. Further, she does not believe the timing of this request was accidental, but meant to coincide with a Board election year.

Just so you know, Christmas survived. Let's hope the union got a lump of coal in its stocking

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Satanic Mechanic said...

Look what happened to Jimmy Hoffa when he tried the same thing. It was not the Teamsters or the Mafia, it was Santa! That is why Hoffa is not buried in the endzone at Buffalo Bills stadium, he is buried at the North Pole.
Take warning Ike Maness. He's making a list...