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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Riiiiiighhhhhtttttt, Face!!

It looks like Moscowans have had enough of the liberal "smart growth" experiment of the last two years. With 17 of 18 precincts reporting, all three candidates endorsed by the pro-growth Greater Moscow Alliance, Dan Carscallen, Walter Steed, and Wayne Krauss, have won city council seats, joining pro-growth incumbents Bill Lambert and John Weber. After the ugliest election ever on the Palouse, the only "progressive" that will sit on the new city council is Tom Lamar. Now the bitter recriminations, accusations, and recount demands from the leftists will begin.

We can only hope that Moscow Mayor Nancy Chaney will see this for what it is: an outright repudiation of her failed left-wing policies and hopefully put a halt to her meddling in Whitman County.

My congratulations to the GMA for taking their city back!

Meanwhile, in Pullman, Al Sorensen leads Nathan Weller 153 to 144, with several hundred votes yet to count. Could be an interesting race, but we won't know anything more until Thursday.


Paul E. Zimmerman, M.A. said...

That is awesome!

Mattwi said...

Nice, so how long until they get to kick the Lib-tard'd "Fancy Nancy's" sorry @ss to the curb?