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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

"Their own little pathetic White Trash world"

The blog "Alan Gregory's Conservation News" linked to an op-ed piece attacking Idaho Gov. Otter's proposal to reinstate public hunting of gray wolves to reduce the wolf population that Chuck "Mr. Civil Discourse" Pezeshki posted on Ted Williams Blog at Fly Rod and Reel Online in February. The same column also appeared in the Moscow-Pullman Daily News.

Chuck dropped by Alan Gregory's blog and left some very illuminating comments.

Al Gore may have invented the Internet, but the always modest Pezeshki claims his book "Wild to the Last," published by WSU Press, led to President Clinton's Roadless Initiative:
Hi Alan,

We pretty much stopped them in their tracks. That book and the events in it were the lead-in to Clinton’s Roadless Initiative. The landslides in Idaho, and the associated pix, were the belly-punch in the stomach that the USFS got that led to the roadbuilding moratorium, which then led to Clinton’s rulemaking.

Of course we didn’t know it at the time. We were just hauling ourselves out of bed every day, determined to fuck with the machine.

And so we did!


Yeah!!!! Stick it to the man, Chuck!!!! You pathetic Abbie Hoffman wannabe.

So how does Chuckie regard Idaho (and likely the rest of us great unwashed):
The point still stands– the Idaho State Legislature and the Governor operate as if they’re in their own little pathetic White Trash world.

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