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Wednesday, November 14, 2007


The two Wal-Mart hating doofuses featured in the Penn & Teller: Bullshit! episode , Tarraccas Obremski and Chanelle St. Pierre, gave an interview a couple of years ago to Something Cool News of Canada (Canadians never miss a chance to laugh at us rubes south of the border.)

Here's my favorite quote:
Actually, no Wal-Mart officials have contacted us to the best of my knowledge. HEL-MART is a small fish compared to the big problems they actually have to deal with.
Of course they haven't contacted you, moron. The gang in Bentonville are too busy laughing their asses off. Bigoted, ignorant hippie freaks like you pretty much guarantee that no halfway normal person is ever going to hop on the wacky Anti-Wal-Mart Express.

By the way, Tarraccas will design your website for only $12.00 an hour. The average wage for regular, full-time hourly Wal-Mart associates in Washington is $11.39 per hour...

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April E. Coggins said...

Other than the hair and duct tape, don't you think Tarraccus Obremski and Alicia Borm look like the same person?

Tarraccas said...

Hilarious, Tom!

Actually, WM hasn't contacted us because we aren't breaking the law. If we pulled a stunt like say walmartsucks.com did some years back you can bet that the gang in Bentonville wouldn't be so busy laughing that their lawyers wouldn't take time out of their busy schedule vilifying victims to be knocking at our door. Even with all the sarcasm, satanic imagery and vulgar language we still get visitors who think we're the WM customer complaint dept. Somehow it must just make sense judging from the letters we receive about the actual WM "customer service" dept., though that was certainly not our intention.

We had a blast doing the interview for the P&T episode, their crew was great and our family, friends and business associates laughed our fat asses off at the predicted hack job that aired because we all know it's bullshit -- it's what they do. As if the title doesn't give it away, Tom. And we're big fans of the program. We're also amused and disturbed at the vitriol we received from viewers who not only interpret P&T as gospel but who feel that strongly about a discount retail store of all things. We can only imagine the loony email, the prime cuts of passionate insanity that P&T must receive on a regular basis.

"Working Families For Wal-Mart" I can totally see that banner underscoring an image of women in rows hunched over sewing machines zipping out Faded Glory brand clothing in a undisclosed sweatshop factory while their children dab leaded paint on an endless assembly line of toys slated for your children an ocean away. Perhaps the same message on a bumper sticker affixed to a rickshaw.