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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Al Sorensen Answers Your Questions

Question from Scotty: What is the biggest issue in Ward 2 and goal to solve the problem?

A: Scotty, I don’t know that there is any one major issue in Ward 2. I have been a representative on Council for 2 years and I have spoken to a number of people in Ward 2 over the last 2 years. No one has really voiced a concern over one particular issue. I will tell you that I believe one of our top issues is Public Safety. I am concerned about our neighborhoods remaining safe for our residents. Pullman continues to have registered sex offenders moving into our neighborhoods and most recently a level III. I am currently working with local law enforcement to make sure that we are doing what we can to keep the public notified of these folks. We may even need to implement addition measures to make sure we keep our citizens safe.

Question from Scotty: If students don’t feel strong enough to register in Pullman, why should we give them a voice in the policies that will shape Pullman for years to come?

A: Scotty, In regards to students registering in Pullman. I believe that when newly registered voters move into Pullman from other cities, most of the time they do not know about changing their registration. I think that most just leave their registration in their home towns. I don’t think it is realistic to believe that anything will change in the future.

I am more than happy to have student input with city matters. Everyone living in Pullman can volunteer to join committees or boards. We, the city of Pullman, listen to all voices when they speak. If you live in Pullman, weather it is for a week or a lifetime, everyone is entitled to voice their own opinion.

Question from Ray: Can we count on you to help get Bishop Blvd redesigned at the corner by the Fireside Grill?

A: Ray, I understand that the road appears to slope in the wrong direction. I do not believe that this slope is a design flaw. The Blvd was approved and built to the design standards at the time it was built. The corner would not have been built if it was not appropriately designed.

We are in the middle of having a study done on Bishop Blvd so that we can see if we need to make any changes. If a recommendation is made to make changes on this particular corner we will review the recommendation and act accordingly.

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