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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

If You Were Wondering...

No, I didn't know anything about tonight's WSU Economics Club Wal-Mart forum until I read about it in today's Daily Evergreen. When I asked club president Grant Williams who from the Pullman business community would be speaking at the forum, this is the response I received (my emphasis added):
Dear Mr. Forbes:

The Wal-Mart forum is commencing tonight, from 7-8pm in Todd Hall room 216 on the WSU campus. While, to my knowledge none of our speakers have declared a specific anti Wal-Mart opinion, we both know how "facts" have a way of "revealing" an opinion. Because of time considerations we were unable to get any non-faculty/grad student speakers, although you and your colleges [sic] are more than welcome to attend tonight and participate. In the future I will make sure to contact your organization about community representation.


Grant D. Williams
WSU Economics Club President
"Time considerations?" What the heck does that mean? Who did they ask? I have no idea who the "faculty/grad student speakers" are, but I think we can all guess. This has PARD media circus written all over it.

My advice is to ignore the whole thing as obviously no serious effort has been made to represent all viewpoints.

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Pullman Chamber Guy said...

Tom, this shows just how disconnected WSU students are from Pullman.

Didn't you get invited by the University of IDAHO Economics Club to a Wal-Mart forum last year?

I have also been very disappointed to see that the Evergreen has not been covering the Pullman elections, the Hawkins controversy, or any other important local issues.

Tom Forbes said...

Yes, I was. I have been invited to speak at UI a total of four times in the past year and a half.