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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

April's Favorite PARD Picture

April, you had to know I still had this one.

The moonbat with the duct taped mouth is Alicia "Al" Borm. That picture was actually in a Daily News story about PARD's "protest" before the Pullman City Council on March 1, 2005, not on the PARD website. Borm later wrote a letter to the editor stating that Wal-Mart was bad because *gasp* it donated more to Republican candidates. After graduating from WSU, Borm has gone on to the world of........um, (semi-)professional football. She is an offensive/defensive lineman (linewoman?) for the Seattle Majestics of the Independent Women's Football League.

To Borm's right is Tina Vona-Pergola (Greg Hooks is over her left shoulder), PARD's first "media coordinator" who kept a scrapbook of every news article, editorial, and letter to the editor about the Pullman Wal-Mart. At that same meeting, Vona-Pergola implored the council to "Use the Force" to stop Wal-Mart. Did she think that was the Jedi Council or the City Council?

Just for Scotty. Angry professors with posters:

And there was certainly plenty of duct tape to go around for young and old alike. Here we see PARDner Janet Maguire "gagged:"

Needless to say, Borm and Vona-Pergola have been gone from Pullman for a long time, as are many of the original PARDners.

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1 comment:

April E. Coggins said...

Thanks Tom! I have enjoyed the trip down memory lane. Other than the projected two million dollars that these idiots have cost the City of Pullman, the past two years have been priceless.