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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Pullman's three hundred pound sister insists that the skinny sister needs to be on a diet too

Where do these Moscow liberals get the idea that everyone, except themselves, is stupid? It's amazing when they make outlandish, illogical claims and then stand around and expect everyone to ooh and ahh because they care. Not only has Moscow wasted more water than any other Palouse Basin Aquifer Committee member, they have wasted water with gusto. Now that Moscow is finally starting to conserve water, they conveniently forget that Pullman has been saving water all along and has water to burn. Heck, if Pullman actually followed Moscow's example, we would have over a billion gallons of water to waste. Maybe we could transfer that billion gallons of water to Hawkins Companies or perhaps use it to wash away the pollution that Moscow is sending into Whitman County everyday.

From tomorrow's Letters to the Editor in the Lewiston Morning Tribune:

On behalf of the board of directors of the Palouse Water Conservation Network, I'd like to congratulate the Moscow City Council for adopting a revision of the city's water conservation ordinance. This revision establishes a watering season, adjustable yearly depending on precipitation and weather, outside of which most types of irrigation are prohibited. In addition, the ordinance revision prohibits the watering of impervious surfaces (sidewalks, streets, parking lots, etc.)

While these ordinance revisions do not prevent any resident from adequately irrigating the landscaping of their choice, it does attempt to reduce needless and/or wasteful expenditures of water. With this ordinance revision, Moscow has taken the high ground and chosen to lead the way in demonstrating how our shared water resources can be used responsibly and beneficially.

We hope the other pumping entities on the Palouse, particularly the city of Pullman, follow suit. Meanwhile, our thanks go to Aaron Ament, Kit Craine, Tom Lamar, Bill Lambert, Linda Pall, John Weber and Les MacDonald from the city of Moscow for taking proactive steps to move our community toward sustainable use of water.

Bill French

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Satanic Mechanic said...

As a former Pullman resident, I do remember watching how much water I used. I do remember Pullman started conserving water years before Moscow's conservation plans (2005?) went into effect.
It is funny that this conservation group did not hear about Moscow's past EPA violations of untreated sewage leaking out.