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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Art Bell Listeners Please Read On

I am not the type to believe in conspiracy theories such as 9/11 was an inside job and that Princess Di was murdered or that Mel's Hole really exists out near Ellensburg... Everyone knows Mel's Hole is closer to Cle Elum.

But anyway, I just wanted to point something out. I am not making any claims. I am putting data forth, so you, the reader can make your own inferences.

1) Francis Foucachon has been talked about in a lot of threads on the dnews.com website as well as the subject of many letters to the editor

2) Palouse Country SportsHahn Supply Inc is owned by the Alford Family. (thanks for the clarification by Steve McClure of the Daily News

3) The Daily News, and I would assume dnews.com is owned by the Alford family.

4) "A door in the north part of the building was found unlocked at the time of the fire, Bean said. The door had been locked the night before." -- Dnews.com 11/29/07

5) "[in today's Moscow fire there was] smoke damage to Palouse Country Sports, which shares the building [with Hahn Rentals]"

6) A photo posted in the article about a fire downtown Moscow was attributed to Daniel Foucachon.

Key up the X-Files theme song, played over the top of the Twilight Zone music, played over the top of "Chase" by Giorgio Moroder. (Another Art Bell Reference)


April E. Coggins said...

Scotty: Can you e-mail me at acogg@turbonet.com please? I have a question.

DC said...

Palouse Country Sports isn't owned by the Alford family: The building that houses both them and Hahn Rental is.

Just a point of clarification.

Scotty said...

Thanks for the info DC. The sentence in the newspaper made it sounds like they owned PCS. When I spoke to April I re-read the sentence and then I was unclear of exactly what they owned.