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Monday, November 26, 2007

Doba Out?

I am disappointed to say the gentleman, Bill Doba, head football coach of WSU is done, according to many news reports I have seen. So far nothing official. But you usually don't get something like this incorrect too often.

I would like to say to Doba, thank you for the respectful football team you have had and being a leader of character and sportsmanship. I hope the news is incorrect and we can see some of your recruits come in and play your system.

If the news is true, here is what I would like to happen:
Price brought back for his offense mindedness and recruiting.
Gesser in a QB coach? Doba back as DC? Those things might not be out of the realm of possibility...

He's back... are you?!

We can reuse the campaign that UI used for Dennis.

1 comment:

Michael said...

I predict that Paul Wulff, EWU, will be the next coach.

Ex-Coug, has passed up other opportunities, apparently waiting for an offer from WSU.

Too bad about Doba. He was a real gentlemen. And I've known a couple of his coaches for many years, specifically Mike Levenseller and Mike Walker, and they are classy men. Bill Doba was close to retirement anyway. I just hope the coaches don't lose their jobs too.