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Friday, November 09, 2007

BREAKING NEWS: Latest Pullman City Council Results

Nathan Weller has taken a 7 vote lead in an incredibly tight race. There could be 400-600 more votes to count. This looks like it might be headed to a recount.

Pullman City Council, Ward 2

AL SORENSEN; 252 votes (49.03 %)

NATHAN WELLER; 259 votes (50.39 %)


Satanic Mechanic said...

Luckily Whitman county is not like King county when it comes to recounts. Votes here do not appear out of thin air or from the grave.

Tom Forbes said...

I wish I could be as confident as you SM. When I went to City Hall Tuesday to drop off my ballot, there were people filling out provisional ballots. If there is a recount, all those will have to checked against signatures on file with the county auditor, as well as the mail-in ballots. Quite a few balllots last year were disqualified because signatures didn't match or they had no signature. Often, especially with students, people are not eligble to vote in a particular local race because they have not transferred their registration. I'm not saying there's any plot afoot, but when the margin is 7-9 votes as we have seen, it may be a few weeks before we have a final result.

April E. Coggins said...

People do vote from the dead. My father did. It's an amazing feeling to hold a death certificate in one hand and see a voting record in the other. My father voted in person in Pullman a month after he died in Michigan. Weird but true.