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Saturday, November 10, 2007

What the Winner Will Face

While the first ballot was being tabulated, Don Cox, former 9th Legislative District State Representative had some sage words of advice for both the six candidates and the PCOs.

Today's winners will not have enough time to prepare for any kind of campaign next fall. By law, legislators are not allowed to raise funds or campaign 30 days before the legislative session starts and during the session.

With a freshman representative and appointee in the 9th District, Democrats will definitely go after one or both of the House seats in our district and will be well-funded. Democrats are going to be looking for a top-tier candidate. If they find one, they will challenge strongly with big funding and union support.

The only advantage the Republican will have is grassroots support. PCOs need to quickly get behind the eventual winner and suport him, no matter who they supported today.

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