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Saturday, November 10, 2007

The Nomination Speeches Are Being Given

We've listened to nominating and seconding speeches for the six candidates, now the candidates have given their 5-minute speeches.

Jeff Phelps talked about water being the biggest issue in our district. Emphasized his experience at WSU and delaing with all the liberals there. Says it has prepared him to work in Olympia.

Tedd Nealey spoke of education and his background as a teacher. Says he would do everything he could to end the dominance of the Washington Education Association. Talked about Washington being business-unfriendly and regulatory relief.

Joe Schmick made a good joke about Gregoire stealing the election. Spoke of new taxes imposed by Democrats, such as the death tax. "When you put your own money at risk, you have a different perspective on fiscal responsibility." Joe has four areas of emphasis: 1) local economy and jobs, 2) health care, 3) supporting schools and 4) protecting private property rights.

Michael Echanove spoke of his track record at the regional and state level on various committees and boards. Need representative who understands the relationship between state and counties. He doesn't talk water, he's "waist deep in it." He is chairman of the Citizen's Advosry Committee for the Palouse Basin Aquifer C0mmittee. Would work to get state funding for a aquifer characterization study. Much experience in economic development and running small business. Gave a great, forceful speech.

Allan Gainer said his main platform is economic development. Has experience with that as Mayor of Cheney. Fears Republican party is deteriorating. Favors spending caps, immigration reform, and private enterprise before government. Gave a nice plug for Dino Rossi that was warmly received.

Darin Watkins talked of his communications ability and statesmanship. Mentioned his experience as a reporter and how that exposed him to issues statewide. Spoke about regulations being crafted om the west side of the state being imposed on the east side of the state. Do more in higher education, but also ask more. "Can we stop trying to regulate small business out of existence?" Extremely charismatic. Looks and sounds like a politician.

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