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Thursday, November 15, 2007

BREAKING NEWS: Fires All Over Pullman

The phone started ringing early this morning with news from Lauri Sue Torkelson of four fires all over Pullman in the early morning hours. One of those fires was behind Pullman Honda on South Grand Ave. I just got off the phone with April Coggins, and she and Russ are fine, thank God. Their SUV was set on fire in their driveway, apparently by an arsonist as firefighters found a rag stuffed into the gas tank. I would speculate that the other three fires reported were set by the same person or persons.

According to the Moscow-Pullman Daily News website
Pullman fire crews are on the scene of an apartment house fire on True Street, the third fire reported early this morning.

According to initial reports, fire crews were dispatched to two garages on Pioneer Street that were reportedly burning about 4:30 a.m. today. A short time later, crews were dispatched to the apartment house fire near the intersection of True and Nye streets.

Fire crews from Pullman and Moscow remain on the scene.
I just heard on KQQQ that the apartment fire on True behind Dissmores destroyed 9 units and injured one person.

UPDATE: KQQQ is reporting that the Pullman Fire Department is officially calling this arson. All fires are out at the moment. A state arson investigation team is heading to town from Walla Walla. Pullman police are securing the scenes and WSU police are taking over patrolling the town. Evan Ellis just stated that firefighters from Whitman County Fire District 12 saved April and Russ's business by putting out the car fire quickly. Pullman police are high alert looking for suspicious activity.

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Michael said...

This is close to home - literally. The first two fires were just 3 blocks from my house. My son lived in that apartment building behind Dissmore's a few years back.

I want to be the first to blame George Bush and/or global warming.