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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Then and Now

April writes:
One thing that has continued to bother me about PARD is that most/all are WSU professors. PARD is willfully oblivious to any facts, studies, opinions, votes, laws, etc., that are contradictory to their position. If they can so easily disregard truth in this matter, I question their truthfulness in other matters, such as their teaching and research. They are so rigid in their beliefs, and will tell outright lies to convince others that they are in the right, what sort of dishonest manipulations are they engaging in their academics?
Indeed. Former PARD Media Coordinator and WSU Professor of Chinese Chris Lupke wrote in the Moscow-Pullman Daily News back on June 16, 2006:
An example of a business that most Pullman shoppers would welcome and could attract other shoppers while creating viable jobs is Costco.
And then Lupke wrote on November 23, 2007:
One of the nicest things about Pullman is that it preserves the small-town appeal lost to most of America these days. It's a place where the person at the bank who decides whether I get a loan, the person who cuts my hair, who bags my groceries, who sold me my truck, and who sold me my home all know me by my first name.
Yep, nothing quite says "small town appeal" like a "gigantic" 140,000 square foot big-box warehouse club with a 700-car parking lot, eh Chris? And the only way Costco employees know your name is because you have to present a membership card to get in.

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