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Monday, November 05, 2007


I just received the following e-mail from Allan Gainer, Mayor of Cheney and a GOP candidate to replace David Buri as our 9th District State Representative in Olympia.
I've read through your information notice some of the people running for 9th District and I just want to make sure you knew I have my name in the hat as well. I am currently the Cheney Mayor and a business man, owning two successful businesses, Tree Knowledge Bookstore and a on-line business...Gainer Enterprise. We also breed and train horses. I have been a strong Republican supporter for many years. I'm a US Navy veteran (Journalist) and member of both Cheney's American Legion and VFW. Recently, I spear-headed one of our city park name changes to Veteran's Memorial Park on June 14, 2007.

I serve on several boards such as Spokane Regional Transportation Board, Spokane Transit Authority, Pathways to Progress and Spokane's Growth Management Advisory Board. Through my business and previous employment as a college textbook representative, I've worked with the education community both in Pullman and Cheney. I have the experience and the knowledge of both city and Washington State government with my involvement with AWC (All Washington Cities).

I have been a friend of David Buri's since the first time he ran for the seat as I was helping Lloyd Wengeler. After Lloyd lost, I support David and have ever since. It was sad to see him leave. He encouraged me to throw my name in the ring and after long talks with my wife and kids, I decided to do it.

Reason Why I am running.
The main reason I want to run for office is I feel our party is being threaten and slowly deteriorating. I don’t want to see this and I know I am preaching to the choral on this issue. But we have to bring our values to government – whether is keeping our religious faith in God in tact, supporting our military and I mean really supporting our military, and keeping our families together and weeding out the garbage that has been invading us.

I know I can keep our values in government and strive to show people what it really means to be a Republican. I am a trained journalist both with a degree and 12 years of experience in US Navy. We have a media who really don’t understand how and what we really are. We are compassionate people who believe in strong work ethics through either owning our own business or serving our country, community, or another business owner. We see people what is inside not what is on the surface. If you are good businessman, you will hire the best person qualify no matter what the sex, color or religious belief. A businessman is to make money with the best possible people and assets you have.

In summation, I have strived to keep these values while I am in the mayor’s office Cheney and I will carry that same value to Olympia…while at the same time try to help share our values with others as true Republicans such as Abraham Lincoln and grow our party in Olympia.

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