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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Ignore the Man Behind the Curtain

Kudos to the Daily Evergreen editorial staff for using their intellect to question what they refer to as "banalities" surrounding the Cougar Green Fund in today's issue. The staff want a "more concrete plan" to go with the "sustainability, environmentalism and reusability buzzwords."

Good luck with that.

Left wing causes such as social justice and environmentalism have become the new religion. People mindlessly parrot phrases they have heard in the media or in the classroom without having one iota of a clue what they really mean.

Once, man turned inward and sought comfort in spirituality. But now that the New York Times has officially proclaimed God as being dead, people have turned outwards to seek meaning and validation in their lives. Instead of perfecting themselves, they now try to perfect others. The perfect religion for the Age of Narcissism. People pontificate about the causes of the day, be it sweatshops, sustainability, Darfur, global warming, etc., telling us how we need to change to assuage the pangs of guilt they feel for their affluence and safe, sheltered, comfortable suburban existence. And then they go right back to living their selfish, self-involved lives. Nothing ever changes. As Michael has said many times before, when self-proclaimed "environmentalists" start taking these issues seriously, so will I.

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