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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The Seven Pillars

With apologies to T.E. Lawrence, my Seven Pillars of the Anti-Wal-Mart Jihad:

1. Wal-Mart is evil incarnate
2. Wal-Mart has no redeeming value for any community, regardless of the situation
3. Wal-Mart must be stopped from expanding at all costs, and then ultimately destroyed
4. Any deception, distortion of the truth, manipulation of facts and emotion, et. al., is acceptable to stop Wal-Mart
5. Any fact or study that shows Wal-Mart is not evil incarnate is a lie
6. Anyone that says anything good about Wal-Mart is a liar, either woefully ignorant or in the employ of Wal-Mart
7. Anyone who openly supports Wal-Mart must be subjected to name calling and other public denigration

We have seen over and over how PARD has religiously obeyed Pillar #7, most recently in T.V. Reed's hateful screed.

It was inevitable, therefore, that Steve Peterson, the economist who works for the University of Idaho and conducted a study paid for by the Moscow Chamber of Commerce, is being subjected to the same treatment. Peterson's sin: He violated Pillars #5 and #6 by saying good things about Wal-Mart, even though he has NO connection with Wal-Mart.

In a Vision 2020 post today, B.J. Swanson refers to "Steve 'The Hack' Peterson".

You remember B.J. Swanson. She's the American West Bank vice-president who signed the anti-Wal-Mart petition in Moscow on behalf of both American West Bank and Gritman Memorial Hospital, even though both organizations later disavowed those signatures.

Who is the "hack"?

UPDATE: Ms. Swanson defines "hack" for us:
A deeper meaning of Hack: Economist for Hire.

After Steve Peterson’s totally biased and smart alec presentation to the
Chamber of Commerce on August 23, I think he earned the title and lost
Ms. Pot meet Mr. Kettle.

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