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Wednesday, September 06, 2006


From USA Today reporter Angela Gunn's Tech_Space blog post on July 19 of this year:
In fact, a lot of the wilder anti-Wal-Mart charges seem to be made by the sort of people who pride themselves on never setting foot in one of the stores, and who don't think much of people who do. Folks, we call those people classists. I once had a co-worker whose wife ranted at me for quite some time about alleged conditions in the stores, after I suggested that a particular project ought to include research on what folks were buying in the chain's electronics department. The look on her face when I told her that my mom was an electronics-department associate and the shirt on my back was Faded Glory was freakin' priceless. I seriously thought she was going to start counting her silverware. (Probably did after I left.) And on that day I understood exactly how John Kerry lost in 2004, but that's a tale for another time...
Sound like anyone we know?

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