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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

This Is a "More Conservative Democrat?"

Caitlin "Carpetbagger" Ross, candidate for 9th Legislative District State Representative Position 1, has described herself as a "more conservative Democrat."

That's an intersting choice of words for someone who has received approximately 28% of her financial support from liberal millionaire Dal LaMagna.

LaMagna is co-chair of Maria Cantwell's re-election campaign. Many things can be said of Cantwell, but "more conservative Democrat" is not one of them. On Ross' website, she lists an endorsement from Cantwell, as well as endorsements from the Washington State Labor Council and the Spokane Regional Labor Council. Those aren't exactly the Grange and the Washington Farm Bureau. Check out Ross' picture with Cantwell here.

LaMagna's Progressive Government Institute website is a veritable treasure trove of "more conservative" Democrats. Look here at the PGI's "Progressive Cabinet Nominees:"
Secretary - Department of Peace: Dennis Kucinich!
Peace, Defense, State: Noam Chomsky!!!
Homeland Security-FEMA: Rep. Cynthia McKinney!!!
What makes it funnier is that the PGI is being totally serious.

Sorry, Caitlin, we're not buying that you have a genuine interest in representing this district and we're not buying that you are a "more conservative Democrat."

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