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Monday, September 11, 2006

"Daley vetoes Chicago 'big box living wage ordinance"

From CBS 2 Chicago:
Mayor Daley on Monday vetoed an ordinance that would have required Wal-Mart and other "big-box" retailers to pay employees a "living wage" of at least $13-an-hour in wages and benefits by 2010.

"I understand and share a desire to ensure that everyone who works in the City of Chicago earns a decent wage," Daley said in his first-ever veto message. "But I do not believe that this ordinance, well-intentioned as it may be, would achieve that end. Rather, I believe it would drive jobs and businesses from our city, penalizing neighborhoods that need additional economic activity the most."
That's the smartest thing a Mayor named Daley has done in Chicago since the tear gassing of the hippies at the 1968 Democratic Convention.

HT: Marathon Pundit

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