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Friday, September 22, 2006

BREAKING NEWS: Hailey Lead at 22 Votes

Steve Hailey's lead over Joe Schmick is up to 22 votes after votes were counted from Garfield County.

According to today's Daily News, Hailey said, “Feeling positive, we’re still ahead. We’ve got the (15) votes, but the second round of counting from ... Garfield and Franklin counties are coming in and we expect to pull (farther) ahead by nightfall.”

Hailey says Franklin County, where he has received 87% of the vote, has 2,500 more votes to count.

Joe Schmick is quoted as saying in the Daily News, “It’s just too close to call. Just have to be patient and with it being so close there will probably be a recount. We just have wait.”

Whitman County, where Schmickh as dominated, has 350-400 more votes to count today.

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