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Thursday, September 14, 2006

More on Caitlin "Carpetbagger" Ross

Checking the Public Disclosure Commission website, I see Caitlin Ross has thus far raised an impressive $5,020.79 in cash contributions for her campaign. Not bad for a 22-year old political novice

Of course, $1,400 of that came from Dal LaMagna of Poulsbo, who lists his occupation as "Progressive Government". Here's a brief bio on Dal:
Dal is founder of the Progressive Government Institute. Dal LaMagna was also the founder and CEO of TWEEZERMAN Corporation in Port Washington, New York. He founded the company in 1980 and built Tweezerman into a multi-national premier personal care tool brand. The company's mission is practice responsible capitalism by striving to benefit all stakeholders: including financial partners, employees, customers, vendors, the community and the natural environment.

Dal served on the Advisory Board of Directors and was chair of the Best Tools & Practices Committee of the Social Venture Network. He is a member of Business Leaders for Sensible Priorities. He is part of the Founder's Circle for The Positive Future Network, the publisher of Yes Magazine. He serves on the Dean's Council for the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard.

Dal LaMagna ran for U.S. Congress in the 3rd Congressional District, New York as the Democratic and Independent candidate in 1996. In 1997 he ran for the office of Town Supervisor for Oyster Bay. In 2000 he ran for U.S. Congress again as the Democratic, Working Families, and Green Party Candidate.

Dal received his MBA from Harvard in 1971. In 2002 Dal graduated from the MPA-Mid-Career program at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard as a Littauer Fellow. His B.A. was earned at Providence College
Another $500 came from failed Democratic Congressional candidate and former West Coast Hospitality CEO Don Barbieri. $700 more came from Caitlin's dad Dave, who is a Seattle talk radio host. Plus $100 from donors in New York state.

Okay, so Ross has some outsider, left-wing millionaire friends as backers. What about donors within the district? I could only find $545 in donations listed from within the 9th District, all from Pullman. They include our old friends, Don and Pat Orlich and Matthew "Indiana" Root

Ross's mailing address is listed as: "10211 E. Connor Rd. Valleyford, WA 99036-9703". Interestingly enough, that is also the address listed for David Koch, Campaign Advisor, Tyler Ormsby, Campaign Manager, and Christopher Jackson, Treasurer.

A "David Koch" lists his address as "10211 E CONNOR RD SPOKANE WA 99036" in a list of Spokane County Precinct Committee Officer candidates for the 2006 election. That address also shows up in a Google phone book search for "David Koch". Apparently, his home serves as Ms. Ross's campaign headquarters.

Does Ross even have a residence in the 9th District? Who knows. With all this outside money, we're supposed to believe Ross will represent our interests us in the House? Sorry, behind the eager beaver intern enthusiasm, something unpleasant is lurking.


April E. Coggins said...

Oddly enough, she seems to be registered to vote twice. I looked her up on the Voter Registration database and she is registered at the Connor Road address AND at an address on Dexter Street in Pullman. According to the database, she registered to vote at the Connor Road address on July 5, 2006 and the Dexter Street address on June 28, 2006. Is this an error in the database or with Ms. Caitlin?

April E. Coggins said...

My own update: I made a quick call to the elections supervisor in Whitman County and Caitlin Ross did cancel her registration in Whitman County by the neccessary deadline, all perfectly legal.

Scotty said...

What letters to the editor will we see over this post Tom??? Could it be "Internet helps the little guy research government candidates"?

Or maybe "Old Man Picking on poor young girl trying to make her way in the political world"?

Tom Forbes said...

She's not swimming in the kiddie pool now.

April E. Coggins said...

Scotty: Or maybe the letters will be about contacting the very helpful elections office if you have any questions about voting. For some reason, a few local Dem's seem to think contacting and writing letters to the Daily News is more helpful than picking up the phone and calling the elections office.

Scotty said...

Good call April!!! Maybe I see a letter to the editor from April??? ;)

I agree Tom, but I can see how the local dems... err... the Seattle and NY dems will try to make her out to be a nice young girl that is being brutalized by white bigoted males...

Tom Forbes said...

No one ever said she wasn't a "nice girl". She just doesn't belong as a candidate in this district, regardless of her age.