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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Outsiders Trying to Buy Eastern Washington Seats

As I pointed out last week, Democratic 9th Legislative District state representative candidate Caitlin "Carpetbagger" Ross has received over 90% of her funding from outside the district.

It's not much different in the US 5th Congressional District race. Stefan Sharkansky at Sound Politics points out that Democrat Peter "Riding With Someone Else's" Goldmark has gotten 74% of his campaign funding from OUTSIDE the district. 59% of Republican Cathy McMorris's funding has come from WITHIN the 5th District.

As Stefan says, "...it's clear that these Democrat campaign coffers are being buoyed by upscale out-of-district liberals who aren't the best indicator of a candidate's underlying support among their actual constituents."

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SK Peterson said...

I note on his website that Goldmark runs a research firm involved in wheat seed-breeding and sells his products to other "wheat ranchers" and then promising the following - "I will fight for increased federal spending on agricultural research." from Goldmark's campaign website accessed on September 19. He also has received about $500,000 in agricultural subsidies between 1995 and 2004(source: EWG). So, Goldmark wants to be elected to Congress to increase ag subsidies that he would likely directly benefit from.

Never mind the gas price insanity he seems to have picked up from Cantwell. Somehow he thinks government sets the price of oil and gasoline and a simple regulation will lower prices - yet no mention of how. What? Taxes? Like those dollars will be given back to the people? More like they'll go to subsidizing biofuels.