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Saturday, September 16, 2006

"Journalism jihadist?"

Thomas Hennigan of Lewiston gave Tom Henderson a needed rebuke in today's Lewiston Tribune:
Apparently an 8:1 ratio of publication isn't enough to make Tom Henderson happy as he feels obliged to rebut Michael Costello's work (column, Sept. 13). Of course, Henderson is a prime example of the ills listed by Costello.

While no one would accuse Henderson of being part of an "elite" class, actual membership in same is not necessary to be elitist. "Ignorant" is the term Henderson used to look down his nose at the entire Boy Scouts of America -- elitist for certain.

Not undermining the nation? Even Henderson can't be stupid enough to think his use of "King George the Worst" is rational, constructive criticism aimed at healing the polis.

Not socialistic? Review Henderson on Aug. 13. Speaking of those filing to protect their private property rights, "Plaintiffs are rarely Ma and Pa Kettle out to protect the family farm. They're often wealthy developers." This is the heart of socialism and why it's a failed philosophy: Ultimately it involves some dweeb deciding that you're too successful to enjoy the same rights as others.

No conspiracy is needed with doctrinaire automatons like Henderson on the job. His work is biased because journalism is not just his career; its culture is the major formative factor in his life since youth. Hence he is like the waif taken in -- literally and figuratively -- by a terrorist madrasah. Journalism's worst biases are tenets of faith to him; he is their passionate adherent and a veritable holy warrior to all who question the purity of that passion.

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