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Friday, September 08, 2006

Alert the Media!

From yesterday's Daily News:
Eileen Macoll was surprised to open her packet for the primary election and find there was no Democratic ballot inside. Macoll is a member of the Whitman County Democrats and wanted to vote in the U.S. Senate race.
Give me a friggin' break. Senator Cantdowell is facing an extremely weak, token, anti-war opponent in the Democratic primary. Is Macoll really worried that the Junior Senator will somehow lose without her vote? ALL OTHER DEMOCRATS ON THE BALLOT ARE UNOPPOSED!!

Karen Kiessling, vice president of the League of Women Voters of Pullman, noted her concern that no information was printed in Spanish.
¡Ay caramba! Don't get me started on the topic of multilingual ballots. Is it too much to ask that citizens of this country at least understand enough English to cast a vote?

Macoll and Kiessling also raised questions about access for people with disabilities. Voting machines that are accessible to people with all types of disabilities will be available at Pullman City Hall and the commissioner’s chambers at the county courthouse on election day,, Coker said.
Why are the Rats and the Liberal Women Voters making such a big deal out of nothing. Simple. As I have stated before, the Rats and their candidate, Nathan Horter, are after Eunice Coker's job.

As you know, I was never in favor of this vote by mail system to begin with. But even I realize that there will be problems the first time it is ever attempted.

Heck, my wife and I have received no ballots at all yet, Democrat, Republican or otherwise. Maybe I should call Michelle Dupler. But I'll just call the county elections office instead and get a ballot. I don't have a political axe to grind.

That whole story in the Daily News was nothing more than political propaganda masquerading as news.

UPDATE: I did get my ballot today. My apologies. Senator Cantdowell is being opposed not only by Hong Tran, but Mohammed Said, Michael "Goodspaceguy" Nelson and MIKE THE MOVER. I'm halfway tempted to send in a Democratic ballot just so Mike the Mover gets a vote.

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