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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

A Race To Watch

The Whitman County Auditor is responsible for vehicle and vessel licensing, legal filings, marriage licenses, disbursement processing, and the county payroll. Sounds like a pretty mundane, bureaucratic job, right? But oh yeah, once or twice a year, the Auditor is also in charge of elections and polling places in Whitman County. During the 2004 gubernatorial election fiasco, county auditors played a critical role in the recount, re-recount and re-re-recount process. There were rumors of hundreds of unverified provisional ballots cast in Whitman County, perhaps from WSU students voting here at the polls and absentee at their home precincts on the west side. We have another gubernatorial election coming up in 2008, when every Eastern Washington vote will be needed to elect Dino Rossi as our rightful Governor once again.

Perhaps that is why the Whitman County Democrats are so interested in the office. According to Public Disclosure Commission reports , 24-year old political novice Nathan Horter has raised $1,780 in cash and $368.46 in in-kind contributions compared to $600 in cash contributions raised by GOP incumbent Eunice Coker. Among some of our old friends listed as contributors to Horter's campaign are Don Orlich, Dr. Matthew "Indiana" Root, and Judy Krueger.

Horter even has a web site, where one of his endorsements is listed as coming from the Spokane Regional Labor Council. Why are labor unions so interested in Whitman County elections?

Horter lists among his issues "giving our citizens the opportunity to set our budget priorities" and "government processes should be transparent so that people can see what is going on and why." Where have we heard that before?

This is a race that will bear careful watching. And Eunice will need your money, your support, and your vote.

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Scotty said...

Eunice needs our help. I have her sign in my apartment facing stadium way. The thing about Auditor is that they think it is all about elections, that is the small part of it. There is a lot of being a manager of the people who work there. Nothing against Nate, as I do not know him personally, but I don't want an Evergreen State College gradute as an elected official in my county.