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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Rural Residential Housing Ordinance hearing wrap up

Well Jo & I went to this hearing tonight. The place was packed my guess that we had close to a 100, maybe a little more.

I sat next to a retired farmer that had farmed the Palouse for most of his adult life, he was 78 years young. I asked him how most the farmers took this proposed ordinance. He told me that most of farmers he knew were against the ordinance.

Lots of people had lots to say. One gentleman said if the commissioners continued down this path that they should replace the stars and stripes behind them and out front of the court house with a cycle and hammer type flag.

The most of those that spoke want the “the commissioners” to figure out the one word and that word is PRIVATE, as in PRIVATE Property.

Some; as I did called on them to finalize the ordinance and then put it on the fall ballot so we as voters can decide the very controversial issue.

One lady reminded the commissioners that the land that has been in farmers families possession for many generations and that it was in a sense their 401K retirement and that if someone started to make changes without their consent or blessing with their 401K it would make them very upset.

Commissioner Finch read a statement that let everyone know what the time line would be for the ordinance would be for the for seeable future. Then a lady asked when “the commissioners” would make possible for the public to ask them questions. Jerry Finch would not answer when they would answer questions from the public in a public forum.

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