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Friday, August 04, 2006

Praise GOD for WELL Prepared "Risk Takers"

April pointed out that we need "Risk Takers" (RT), and I say amen to that, although I would add a little to that. In her example of RT she listed, "...we would not have soldiers, pilots, race car drivers, police or firemen." So lets take a look at each of these RT's Soldiers; they train and train some more for the day they may be called upon, when that day arrives that they go into battle as when they trained, They wore helmets and also bullet proof vests and other safety equipment was part of his/her equipment. Pilots; they too train a lot a fighter pilot can't not wear his/her equipment or they would pass out from not having the pressure suit on, or a helmet with is oxygen attached. Race Car Drivers; they also have a full assortment of safety equipment if one of them felt to be a 'Super' RT and try to not wear his/her fire suit or helmet the race steward would disqualify them from racing that day. Police; they too wear safety equipment when they go into a bust type situation. Last but not least Firemen; they of all of these are "REAL" RT they run into burning buildings but I will bet my bottom dollar not one of them would do it without any of his/her safety equipment which includes a helmet for that job.

The bottom line to all of these cases April pointed out is that they are for sure RT and we need them and thank GOD for them. But in ever case they all have equipment they need to do a job and they wear it. With motorcycle riders they seem to be some what the same. I have never seen a rider riding in a moto-cross with out a helmet. Although some do not wear when they pleasure ride on there own. I am still not sure that this is a wise way to ride. A "Real" RT I would think that would wear a helmet to be around to ride another day.

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April E. Coggins said...

Ray: Thanks for the post. When I ride on the road I always wear a helmet. When I ride off road I almost never wear one. I should probably wear one when I cross Grand Ave. or get into the bath tub but I weigh the risks and practicality.