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Friday, August 18, 2006

Carpet-Bombing Paradise

Democratic pollster John Zogby has some harsh words for the Rats new anti-Wal-Mart jihad. From ABC News:
Pollster John Zogby, who has conducted polling for WakeUp Wal-Mart, said Democratic critics of the retailer risk alienating swing voters and appearing to be captives of union interests.

"It's not the slam dunk issue that Democrats think it is," Zogby said. "Americans don't hate corporations and they don't hate Wal-Mart."

John Zogby, the pollster, argues that focusing too much on Wal-Mart "means no net gain", because union voters already favour the Democrats and the party must seek other support if it is to recapture the White House in 2008. "When are the Democrats going to talk to Wal-Mart shoppers?" he asks. Mr Zogby, who has done some polling work for Wake Up Wal-Mart, says Democrats still lack "a strategy that deals with Joe and Mary Middle America – and Joe and Mary Middle America are at Wal-Mart".

Polling shows that people who shop at Wal-Mart do care about human rights and worker healthcare, he adds. Democrats therefore need a more subtle message "about trouble in paradise, without carpet-bombing paradise. There are too many people who shop there".
Got that PARDners?

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