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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Seen On Vision 2020

Normally, Moscow's Vision 2020 message board has little to recommend itself, but this post by Gary Crabtree in response to TV Rerun's latest letter was too good not to post here:
Why don't we all impose an enormous strain on our imaginations and presume that everything Mr. Reed presented in his letter is correct. I'll give you all a moment to bring that imposing struggle under control. Now the question that needs to be asked is so what? The fact of the matter is that Wal-Mart has expressed a desire to build in the area and Costco hasn't. Now lets say that Costco was interested in expanding into the Moscow/Pullman area and that they did indeed provide a workplace that was twice as wonderful as Wal-Mart. Since the management of WM can't round up employees at gun point it would seem that they would have to be competitive to attract warm bodies or, they would employ the lesser skilled members of the workforce that Costco rejected. Either way there would be greater employment opportunities in the area, not to mention increased economic vitality. How, exactly does that translate into a bad thing?
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