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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The Whole World is Watching

Ed Schweitzer said it last April:
He [Schweitzer] also is concerned residents are working against themselves with “not in my back yard” and “citizens against virtually everything” attitudes.
Last night, two NewCities representatives said it again. From today's Lewiston Tribune:
Austin and Prather also acknowledged that Moscow is a place of sometimes heated discourse that could be detrimental.

"It is apparent to outsiders that Moscow lurches from issue to issue, with few collaborative resolutions of community-wide importance," a NewCities report reads. "The reason for this may be an addiction to the 'gotcha' mentality, where important issues are tried by ambush and open confrontation. Many people find this invigorating, even fun. Yet it is safe to say that a majority find it exasperating, and in consequence, tune out. If this continues, Moscow will not achieve what most profess to want."
That's right boys and girls, all that "civic involvement" from our local left-wing intelligentsia, who view it as a pastime until they move down the road on to another university, DOES cause SERIOUS damage to our communities.

It's time that we locals, whose lives are permanently rooted here, say enough is enough and end the domination of the "university culture." The universities and their faculties need to be assets to our communities once again, not liabilities.

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