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Monday, August 28, 2006

Can't Do Well

Did you notice our junior U.S. Senator Maria Cantdowell walking in the Lentil Parade a couple of Saturdays ago. Don't feel bad. Most people didn't. Did you notice the plethora of Maria Cantdowell signs that popped up all over Pullman this past weekend (and the broken Mike McGavick signs)?

Why all the activity you ask? Simple. The distinguished Senator is losing and our local libs are running scared. The latest Rasmussen Reports election poll in Washington shows Cantdowell leading challenger Mike McGavick 46% to 40%. As a result of this poll, Rasmussen Reports shifted the Washington Senate race from "Democrat" to "Leans Democrat". A month ago, the seat was more solidly in the Democratic column as Cantwell enjoyed an 11-point lead to six. Less than 50% support is bad for any incumbent.

So, it's time for the usual tiresome Rat response to trouble: nasty personal attacks. A response so putrid that even the left-leaning Seattle P-I had a column Saturday that stated:

By revealing his citation for a DUI 13 years ago, Senate candidate Mike McGavick took a page from Socrates.

He displayed courage, putting a personal embarrassment in the public eye that might have gone unnoticed. He was frank about a mistake that could make moral purists within his own GOP cool toward him.

He showed he's human.

Such refreshing candor comes to a world of politics where players prefer to keep the masks on.

McGavick will recover from his disclosure. He even stands to benefit from it. The public hungers for leaders who can own up to mistakes and operate with transparency, people who can show that contrition and humility are not benchmarks of weakness but hallmarks of strength.


Political opponents are knee-jerk quick to pounce on every opportunity, as evidenced by the low-blow stupidity that came from the lips of state Democratic Party spokesman Kelly Steele in response to McGavick's disclosure.

Steele said, "From privatizing Social Security to drunk driving, it becomes clearer every day that Mike McGavick and George Bush are cut from the same cloth."
Yep, that's the Democratic strategy for everything. No matter the issue, no matter the cause, just point to the President and say "It's all Bush's fault!!!!!".THIS is the party of the "new direction"? THIS is the party that is going to "save America"? Please.

Diagnosis: Bush Derangement Syndrome.

The cure: Vote for Mike.

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