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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Rats Will Drown With Sinking Ship

Normally, rats will flee a sinking ship.

A week after Senator Joe Lieberman was defeated in the Connecticut primary, more evidence has emerged that the lunatic leftist fringe has taken over the Democratic party. Today's New York Times is reporting that the Rats plan to make hating Wal-Mart a big campaign issue, with possible Presidential candidates Joe Biden, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Evan Bayh, and John Edwards leading the charge.

Pollsters and political strategists have consistently shown that the Dems make Wal-Mart an issue at their own risk and that the "Wal-Mart Voter" is a demographic more prized than "Soccer Moms" and "NASCAR Dads".

What a godsend! Just when it seems that the GOP is going to go down in flames, losing the House, Senate and the White House, the Rats give us a gift. Nothing like alienating corporate America and the mainstream. Heck, if you don't have an agenda of your own, let big labor set one for you. Look how well the unions have been doing recently, not. With so many serious issues facing our country, with terrorists threatening to blow us away on a daily basis, who would have thought that where we buy toilet paper and underwear would become the big issue?

In our supposedly non-partisan city council elections last fall, the Whitman County Democratic Party tried this same strategy and backed the two anti-Wal-Mart candidates very strongly. Those candidates were handily defeated. This in a university town where 28 of 30 precincts went for Kerry in 2004. Many moderate Democrats were very turned off by their party's anti-Wal-Mart stance and supported the pro-Wal-Mart candidate instead.

People in the country are sick and tired of the polarization and divisiveness in politics. Now you know where it is coming from: The Far Left and their enablers, the Liberal Mainstream Media.

HT: Marshall Manson

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