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Friday, September 22, 2006

"Beware the worm"

A letter in today's Lewiston Tribune:
In reading the Sept. 8 article on the finding of the giant Palouse earthworm, I found it interesting. Steve Paulson states that their burrows are 15 feet deep. David Hall, O. Lynne Nelson, Palouse Prairie Foundation, Palouse Audubon Society and all the knowable Friends of the Clearwater signed a petition to have said worm declared endangered.

I assume that they have studied extensively for years and have more to go on than: "They may well have been able to survive cultivation, but succumbed to something else like pesticide use in the '30s."

At what time do these entities and private individuals have to show more scientific evidence that is indisputable, other than what they always get away with -- such as "may," "might" and "possibly"? Look at the history of what has happened to agriculture property any time a species has been declared on the ground or even near it.

You farmers might just as well sell your property now, because you will be doing it later if they do indeed give the worm endangered status. You will no longer be allowed to continue your way of life on the land that you own.

Wendell Stark

That is why residents of Whitman County MUST vote for I-933. The Property Fairness Initiative will be the only protection you will have against the Giant Palouse Earthworm being declared an endangered species.

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