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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

More on the Moonbat Crop Circles

According to the ultra-leftist Daily Kos blog, 27-year old Aaron Flansburg is a bit more than a simple fifth generation farmer from Palouse. Flansburg is also a member of Eastern WA Voters (more on that in a moment). Daily Kos was one the places online where this moonbat crop circle was originally exhibited. Be sure to check out all the wingnut rhetoric in the post, including "hijacking of the initiative process by right-wing extremists" and "counties would have to waive the zoning ordinances that protect farmland from urban sprawl that paves over farmland, drives up the cost of farmland for family farms needing to expand, and pushes up property taxes for struggling farmers." The picture has been widely carried on on the No On I-933 website and various other Washington liberal blogs.

On their website, Eatern WA Voters is described as a "new, progressive, organization in Eastern Washington. We sprung up out of the network of regional Howard Dean, Wesley Clark, and supporters of other 2004 presidential campaigns. Now we are working very hard to elect other progressive candidates at the state and federal level." Eastern WA Voters is also the group that has "allied" with PARD to fight I-933.

EWV is headed by Pullman resident Bryan Burke. Burke is a graduate TA in the WSU (ta-da!) Sociology department chaired by (ta-da!) PARDner Greg Hooks, is a member of the (ta-da!) Palouse-Clearwater Environmental Institute, and also runs a business called "Retro Printing and Publishing."

This comment on RateMyProfessors.com from last year is telling:
This is an easy class, as might be expected from a pseudo-science like SOC, but expect to get a FULL IMMERSION in moral relativism and Marxism from Burke. His seemingly LSD-induced philosophies and contradictions about "Society," "The Corporations," "The Media," and "Politicians" will absolutely blow your mind. Bring your blood pressure medicine.
According to PDC reports, Aaron Flansburg contributed $50 to Eastern WA Voters. By far and away, however, the biggest contributor to Eastern WA Voters ($1,000) has been Paul Brainerd, the founder and CEO of Aldus Corp. in Seattle and head of The Brainerd Foundation, a Northwest conservation group. Brainerd also gave $50,000 to Citizens for Community Protection, an organization opposed to I-933.

Remember, like Scotty said, never take anything at face value, and always follow the money. The radical political views of Flansburg, Burke, and Eastern WA Voters have about as much in common with the majority of folks in Eastern Washington as ET does.

UPDATE: April points out that Aaron Flansburg is not just your average, down-home wheat farmer sitting behind the wheel of a combine. Nope, Aaron is also the lead singer of the local punk band "Random Noise" that got its start "in the beer-soaked basement of the party house known as the Tool Shed." Yes, these are definitely the mainstream voices of Eastern Washington.

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April E. Coggins said...

Are we talking about recent WSU graduate and rock personality Aaron Flansburg


or hard working, honest farm boy Aaron Flansburg?

And what is it about Democrat candidates being pictured in a wheat field? Do the Democrats think Eastern Washington voters only look at pictures?