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Monday, September 25, 2006

Another Democratic Carpetbagger Goes Down in Flames

Moderate Democratic State Senator Tim Sheldon, 35th District, made enemies among the liberal extremists in his party by openly supporting Dino Rossi and George Bush in 2004.

So Washington state and national Democratic goons, along with the "nutroots," decided to whack him, Joe Lieberman Style.

According to The Daily World:
This year, they [the Democrats] painted a bull’s eye on Sheldon’s chest and recruited Taylor Lucas, who moved into a rental house owned by Rep. Kathy Haigh, D-Shelton, to be able to take on Sheldon. The party’s decision to try and take out Sheldon elevated the race into the national spotlight, and attracted state labor groups and Washington, D.C. -based liberal groups.

“I think this shows that the Democratic Party leadership is completely out of touch with voters,” said the victorious Sheldon.

Combined with the money Taylor-Lucas raised in the campaign, more than $269,000 was spent to try and oust Sheldon.
The result:
In the latest results, Sheldon has fully 56.8 percent of the vote (7,140 to 5,409) against well-financed newcomer Kyle Taylor Lucas, whom the party styled as the “real” Democrat.


“I think the Democrats better check their strategy before they hit November, because it can backfire,” Sheldon added. “Negative campaigning apparently backfired big time in the 35th District.
Predictably, according to the Rats, it's all a Republican plot:
Taylor Lucas said the new primary system was partially at fault for her poor showing. She charged that many Republicans — confident that their U.S. Senate candidate, Mike McGavick was a shoo-in for November — chose a Democratic ballot in order to keep the ticket-splitting Sheldon in office.
Congratulations to the voters of the 35th District for seeing through the carpetbaggery and the BS. Now Taylor Lucas can move back to her real home in Olympia where she belongs.

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