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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Don't Believe Everything You Read!

The results of the 2006 general election will, for all practical purposes, be determined in late October. This is due to the widespread use of mail-in ballots by the bulk of the 5th Congressional District voters.

I invite all residents to join me in voting for Peter Goldmark, for the U. S. House of Representatives. Peter is a proven leader, not a rubber stamp such as our current representative. Peter supports our veterans. The current representative does not support vets as evidenced by her vote against them (HR1815). Goldmark will work to reinstate responsible and fiscal prudence in the national budgetary process. He will work with both sides of the "aisle."

My appeal is especially to those of you who make a living in the agricultural sector. Goldmark knows firsthand the problems of agriculture, economy and trade. He knows how much we all must rely on energy and will take creative steps to help resolve this crisis.

Peter Goldmark has been a regent for Washington State University and knows firsthand the issues related to higher education. He has served on a local school board and knows the critical role our public schools play and how shameful the No Child Left Behind Act is, which the incumbent praises.

Goldmark has the tickets to bring respect, honesty and integrity back to the U. S. House of Representatives. Mark your "X" for Peter Goldmark and help elect an effective congressman.

Donald C. Orlich

After checking the US House of Representatives' Website (http://clerk.house.gov/evs/2005/roll665.xml) I found that she did vote for it. Did Orlich lie on purpose or does he not check his own facts and/or use his own work? The only way I will believe this was actually a mistake and not a lie is if he lets everyone know he copied someone else's' thoughts and tried to pretend that they were his own.

It seems that sometimes people use citations of sources in order to make their lie credible, hoping that people will not check up on them. There are two examples of this in about two weeks.

The other one was recently another letter to the editor was in the Daily News where there was a claim that Coker was breaking the law by not including information about handicap voting in every ballot. A citation was given, but when checking on the citation no indication of using a ballot as a means of transmitting information about handicap vote was there. That was made up by the writer.


Tom Forbes said...

I continue to wonder why Don "No Exagerration Left Behind" Orlich doesn't run for office. He obviously hates the WASL so passionately. For some reason, our local loudmouth Dems leave the running for office to the youngsters.

Bryan E. Burke said...

You were correct to point out the incomplete citation in Don Orlich’s letter to the editor. This is also an incomplete citation that I have used, which may have been the source for Orlich’s letter and, thus, originally, my fault.

However, the content of Orlich’s letter to the editor was correct, and can be found in the Congressional Record. Here is the full story and the full citation.

Cathy McMorris cast a “no” vote on a procedural motion to recommit H.R. 1815 back to committee with instructions to amend the bill to make “TRICARE standard coverage for members of the selected reserve.” (Congressional Record, House of Representatives, May 25, 2005, page H4044). The selected reserve is a contingent of the ready reserve (both Reserve and National Guard) that is rated as crucial to initial wartime missions and thus are rated as active status.

When McMorris cast this "no" vote (most accurately cited as H.R. 1815, Vote #221), it was a vote to not extend TRICARE (a military health insurance program) to thousands of Guard and Reserve who have returned home after facing the same risks in battle at regular Army, Navy, Marines, and Air Force personnel.