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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Carpetbagging in the 9th District

This is a letter to the editor that appeared in today's Daily Evergreen:
Caitlin Ross has more to offer than her age


As Chair of the Democrats of Whitman County I am proud to have Caitlan Ross as our candidate for State Representative of the 9th legislative district. My counterpart, the Chair of the Republicans of Whitman County had much to say about this candidacy in the Sept. 12 Daily Evergreen. Wes Taylor’s issue seems to be Miss Ross’s lack of experience. I need to point out that none of the candidates for this position have experience as legislators.

He says, “You can’t rely on youthfulness ...” Indeed, if that were all Caitlin had to offer she would not have garnered our support.

Besides her intelligence and sincere desire to serve, her youth brings to the table a fresh outlook, a thirst for finding new ways to solve old problems and competency in new technology.

Caitlin Ross will be a Representative who will search out ways to make every county in the 9th a vibrant place to live. If she is elected, she will be part of the majority in the statehouse, and thus be part of the team from Eastern Washington affecting changes which will bring about growth throughout the region.

Carolyn Cress

chairwoman, Whitman County Democrats
Let's round up Ms. Ross's "qualifications" for public office, shall we?

  • Her Daddy (Dave Ross) has a radio talk show on 710 KIRO AM in Seattle

  • Her Daddy ran for Congress in 2004 against Dave Reichert in the Washington 8th Congressional District (and lost)

  • She grew up in the Seattle area (but she did apparently live for several semesters in Spokane, which is not in the 9th Legislative District, while attending Gonzaga U)

  • She did, however, "find" herself in eastern Washington and "identifies" herself as a "person" with eastern Washington.

  • She is the only candidate in the race who took the WASL

  • She's been to China, Africa and France!

  • She was a legislative page in 8th Grade!

  • She watches C-SPAN!

  • Again, I applaud Ms. Ross's enthusiasm, misplaced though it may be. But it takes a certain amount of chutzpah for this Janey-Come-Lately and the local Democrats to think that she can represent the voters and interests of this district better than farmers, business people and educators who have lived here for decades, regardless of previous legislative experience. What understanding of the issues important to us could she possibly have? A "fresh outlook" and "thirst for finding new ways to solve old problems" are not enough.

    And for that matter, what connections to this district does Ms. Ross have? Her candidacy is not about age, it's about carpetbagging. Does she even have a permanent home in the 9th District?

    As I said before, the Democrats owe us a serious candidate to replace someone of Don Cox's stature, not someone pursuing a post-graduate politics project.

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    April E. Coggins said...

    Now she can pad her resume that much more. She will be a former Democratic candidate for 9th District in Washington State. She will go down in flames, just like Mikethemover, but she will be able to say honestly that she was candidate, just the same.