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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Today is Primary Day - VOTE!!!!

From the Daily News:
For people who haven’t cracked open their ballots, it’s not too late. Here’s how to make your vote count:

* Vote only one ballot — either Republican, Democrat or nonpartisan.

* Use a No. 2 pencil or blue or black ink pen to mark your choices.

* Seal your ballot inside the white secrecy envelope, then seal the white envelope inside the outer gray envelope. Be sure to sign and date the oath on the outer gray envelope.

* Return your ballot by mail or in person by Tuesday at the Whitman County Auditor’s Office on the second floor of the county courthouse in Colfax. Ballots returned by mail must be postmarked by Sept. 19. Ballots can also be dropped off at Pullman City Hall.

* Machines will be available at the county courthouse and Pullman City Hall on Tuesday to help disabled voters with their ballots.

* It’s too late to register to vote in the Whitman County primary, although registration for the Nov. 7 general election is still open.
I'll have election updates later tonight when (and if) they come in.


April E. Coggins said...

I just voted at City Hall. It is almost like the old system, with people casting ballots, the table is staffed to answer any ballot questions, etc., and most important, they are giving out "I Voted" stickers!

Tom Forbes said...

Susan and I did the same thing. I'm wearing my "I Voted" sticker currently.

I really don't know why some people have been having such a conniption fit.

Scotty said...

Tom and April ~ was there a handout given to you about the proper use of the pencil for filling in the bubbles? Did they make sure you understood what way to hold the pencil?

If not I would quickly draft a letter to the editor about how the auditors office is out to get you!

Tom Forbes said...

There needs to be a corollary of Darwin's Law applied to elections: if you can't figure out simple instrucitons on how to vote, then you don't get to vote.

Paul E. Zimmerman said...

Mine went out by mail Friday. I'm assuming that it left the post office shortly thereafter; that is, I hope the wait time for my mail to leave the depot is nothing like the wait time I experience when mailing packages for my companies!