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Friday, September 01, 2006

New Pullman Republican Headquarters

From Whitman County Republican Party Chairman Wes Taylor:

Dear Whitman County Republican,

I am pleased to announce that we now have a Pullman Headquarter space in Pullman at the former Elaine's Hair Studio, located between Sim' Glass and the Sports (?) Bar on Grand.  It is across from the Rancho Viejo Mexican Restaurant.  The address is 187 S Grand Ave, Pullman, WA.:

I have a few tables, but we are in need to chairs and other tables also.

I did do some decorating with campaign signs, and am open for someone who has an eye and ability to decorate, to come in and help me get the office ready.

I don't have signs from all the candidates, and I also need campaign literature from the various campaigns.

My plan is to have the office manned on Saturday mornings and a few evenings during the week.  Since I am now working fulltime, I have limited time available.  I need volunteers who can put in and hour or two in order to have the HQ space open.  It'd be great for a few retired folks during the day, and an opportunity also for College Republicans or other Pullman Republican to help out.

PLEASE pass the word along about the location and the need for people to man the office.  I can tell you that the Dems are holding weekly meeting at the Daily Grind until the election.  We can win Pullman if we can become actively involved and work on contacting voters and registering potential voters to get out to vote in Sept and November.

The Pullman GOP HQ will be open tomorrow from 10 AM to 4 PM. See you there!

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