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Monday, September 04, 2006

Digging Up Controversy?

What's this? Is Wal-Mart destroying the serenity of our American war heroes, Kelly Turk? Maybe unearthing the unmarked graves of "non-Euro-Americans" Janet Damm and "Indiana" Root?

Are those damn Arkies clear cutting the "old growth" trees in the Pullman City Cemetery, Don Orlich?

Is the Bentonville behemoth encroaching upon our sacred cemetery, T.V. Reed?

Actually, none of the above. The city is installing a new irrigation system at the cemetery (no doubt further contributing to the depletion of the Grand Ronde Aquifer, Mark Solomon)

And the anti-Wal-Mart moonbats are worried about a parking lot many yards away across the street?

HT: April Coggins

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