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Sunday, November 04, 2007

Unwitting Tool Of Islamofascists Attacks College Republicans

Post-Intelligenser columnist Robert Jamieson Jr. doesn't think that Islamofascism is such a big deal and dumps on UW College Republicans for hosting Islamofascism Awareness Week.

While Mr. Jamieson's manages to dazzle the reader with the depth and breadth of his willful ignorance, he needed help from the New York Times' Enron adviser to achieve consummate stupidity.

As Paul Krugman, a columnist for The New York Times puts it: "There isn't actually any such thing as Islamo-Fascism -- it's not an ideology; it's a figment of the neocon imagination."


Adam J. Niehenke said...

I read this article and realized how it was a simple partisen attack on CRs when he has to pull out something back from 2003. Ironic that a guy that wants to stop racism defends affirmative action. My issue with the whole thing is why did the UW CRs screw up this demonstration. You charge the white guy the least and people of color more to symbolize the injustice. I thought about it for a sec and realized, oh that's right they are Huskies. They already messed up once in their lifes, wouldn't put it past them to do it again.

Anonymous said...

Muslims Against Sharia congratulate David Horowitz FREEDOM CENTER and Mike Adams, Tammy Bruce, Phyllis Chesler, Ann Coulter, Nonie Darwish, Greg Davis, Stephen Gale, David Horowitz, Joe Kaufman, Michael Ledeen, Michael Medved, Alan Nathan, Cyrus Nowrasteh, Daphne Patai, Daniel Pipes, Dennis Prager, Luana Saghieh, Rick Santorum, Jonathan Schanzer, Christina Sommers, Robert Spencer, Brian Sussman, Ed Turzanski, Ibn Warraq and other speakers on the success of the Islamofascism Awareness Week.

Islamofascism (or Islamism) is the main threat facing modern civilization and ignorance about this threat is astounding. We hope that this event becomes regular and reaches every campus.

A great many Westerners do not see the clear distinction between Islam and Islamism (Islamofascism). They need to understand that the difference between Islam and Islamism (Islamofascism) is the same as the difference between Christianity and Christian Identity Movement (White Supremacy Movement).

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